How To Apply Silicone Caulk Smoothly Tips

How to apply Silicone Caulk seems to be an area where many people get frustrated, as it can be difficult and quite messy. When using Silicone Caulk it is very easy to apply an excess amount, this is what you do not want to do, it will create a big mess when trying to smooth out after it has been applied.

Most people who use Silicone Caulk just use their finger as a way to smooth it out after it is applied, this works ok, but there are a few other ways to improve on this technique. There is a special tool that you can buy at places like Lowes or Home Depot that really smooth’s the caulk out nicely. The tool is  shaped like an arrow head with a handle and the tip is rounded and seems to do a good job.

I myself have caulked all around the windows, bath tubes, showers and backsplash in my own home, I have mastered the art of getting nice smooth neat flat lines.

Here is what I do when applying Silicone Caulking:

1- Start Caulking along the edge trying to get a good steady even bead. I go all the way around the tub for example in one go, then when done, I go back and fill in any small bits I may have missed.
2- Using my finger and or latex gloves, I dip my finger in a liquid soap with water solution, now run your index finger along the seam in one direction from end to end.
This smooth’s really good and it does not stick to the soap solution, so no residue on the finger to clean at all.
3- Wipe the left over residue away if any with a clean damp smooth rag (no loose threads to come off in your work).

This my secret to success when Caulking and getting a nice smooth bead with nice smooth edges.

You also can try putting painters tape along the border (each side) of where you are going to be Caulking. Using this method, you can Caulk, then wipe the excess off without much mess, smooth the Caulk a little, then you peal off the tape slowly, then as in number 2 above, smooth out the Caulk. There will be a lot less Caulking, so smoothing is faster and easier.

Always take your time when doing caulking, if you rush you will only do a messy job that will have to be re-done taking up even more time. You do a job right the first time and it saves time and money.

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